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With Sothys, live the absolute beauty experience.

The privileged partner of beauty salons and spas for 60 years.
Sothys, a world of extremely refined emotions and sensuality, a legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty salons and spas all over the world.
Sothys was the name the Ancient Egyptians gave to the brightest star in the sky, she symbloized to them eternal beauty.


For 60 years, Sothys has developed Beauty concepts that unite body and mind, well being and efficacy, technological and hand movement innovation into an experience recognized all over the world.

A professional brand intended exclusively for beauty salons, beauty centers ans spas, Sothys invest, innovates and expands to respond to today’s men and women: a high-end approach that places wellbeing and beauty at the heart of care.



The Sothys sensorial experience
The six sensorial escapes of the new Sothys body programme invite you on a journey of discovery : six unique domains resulting from formulations of exquisite aromatic essences…

Each unique ritual, whether it is a Signature, Customized or Event treatment, offers total relaxation and a sensual experience with delicate aromatic essence to provide a guaranteed escape to wellbeing!

Sothys Resurfacing peeling – Professional treatment
Detoxify the skin is an essential beauty gesture : to eliminate the imperfections related to stress, tobacco, pollution, UV…to old less quickly and to favour the cell renewal.

Sothys invents the RESURFACING PEELING, a treatment inspired by medical techniques that renew intensively the skin, thanks to the chemistry between leading technology and Sothys beautician expertise.

An immediate efficiency that effects last at home. For a smooth, radiant, soft skin…”as renewed”.


2011 Spring summer professional care
Plan a tropical escape for your skin this summer: pineapple, mango, a freshness cocktail which awakes radiance and tone of skin after winter aggressions. A fresh, vitamin-packed and revitalizing treatment with gourmand fragrance, filled with sunshine.
40 minutes treatment for a skin with a glowing radiance and in a good mood.

Sothys HOMME
The new Phytomalt (re)generation line: a high technology line designed for the specific needs of male skin.
A (re)generation line in three steps:
1. Cleansers
– Detoxifying active cleanser
– Exfoliating scrub
– Revitalizing hair and body care
2. Active cares
– Hydrating active care.
– Age defying active care
3. Targeted cares
– De-stressing eye care
– smoothing after-shave balm.